Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital – Only one of its kind with prodigious attractions for all

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is in close proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport and is the globe’s largest, leading and supreme advanced falcon hospital. It boasts a falcon museum with a display of numerous falcons along with amenity of enjoying with free-flying falcons. There are guided tours especially designed for the visits of the award-winning professionalfalcon hospital. The visitors have the facility to visit the well-appointed wards where the birds are kept back. The visitors can also reconnoiter the marvelous museum givingavision into the gallant desert game of falconry. They can also try the falcon pursuit in the available lush green gardens. The supreme falcon hospital can easily be visited from anywhere in the city owing to the fabulous network of transport facilities available all across Abu Dhabi. Rent a car services and car lease option play a vital role in the comfortable and utmost luxurious travelling of the tourists and the residents.

Abu Dhabi falcon hospital offers amenities like falcon hospital, pet care center, animal shelter, training and internship for the interested individuals, tourism facilities, conference center, and a well-equipped laboratory along with Abu Dhabi falcon hospital online services. The hospital boasts separaterooms for above 200 birds which are fully air conditioned. The hospital facilitates about six thousand falcons each year with its health care aids. It proposes and offersyearly check-ups of the birds as to identify the health issues in falcons is challenging and difficult.The hospital vaunts well experienced and eligible staff with the ability to treat every problem and disease, they have diagnosed in the ill birds. The examination of the birds is very thorough and each of their body part including feathers is carefully analyzed. The laboratory makes the analysis more meaningful and accurate for the doctors of these birds. The falcons take extremely unbalanced flights with even a single damaged feather. Numerous incoming falcons have this issue which is treated easily in the hospital owing to the available amenities. It is customary treatment to repair the injured feather or substitute missing feathers by the ones kept in stock of the hospital. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has alsoaccomplished and manages an animal shelter. Abu Dhabi Executive Council of the Abu Dhabi government has approved the venture. The facility can easily house numerous wandering dogs and cats.

Abu Dhabi falcon hospital is a marvelous fascination for the bird lovers. Falcon lovers, tourists and seekers of interesting information come to see the eminent and fabulous site from everywhere. Abu Dhabi is a city attracting tourists from all over the world and requires adequate transport amenities for their travelling and comfort during exploration of the glorious city. We offer the finest and most exclusive car rent services for our customers to help them enjoy their voyage to the fullest. The individuals with a will to enjoy their voyage with full supremacy and utmost luxury can avail our rent a car facility with a guarantee of fabulous services and comfort at its peak.