Al Barsha Pond Park – a Place to Cherish Wonderful Memories

Most of the people love Dubai for its modern facilities and state of the art development. Buildings, shopping malls, business centers, transportation facilities and the availability of luxury cars from rent a Car in Dubai, simply make this place most favorite for the tourists.  Deserts are the main feature of this land and they contribute to the historical and cultural development of the Middle East. A garden in these deserts presents an absolute chance for the people to enjoy the charm of life.


Al Bashra Pond Park is quite famous for a number of reasons. It is just like an Oasis which provides its visitors with an ultimate feeling of relaxation and mental peace. This park is featured by a manmade lake which makes the place absolutely “Must Visit”. Even a stranger can reach this place easily as it is not far away from the busy city life. Car rental in Dubai is a wonderful option which allows the visitors to move around in the luxurious cars with GPS helping them to reach one destination after the other without any problem. The design of the park is amazing. It seems as if the park was built first and then the lake was placed right in the center to facilitate the public. Most of the people visit this park during the weekend. During the weekdays, there is not a huge rush and it becomes the perfect place for jogging and exercising. (Remember that the weekend days in Dubai and some other Muslim countries are Thursday and Friday. The holiday is observed on Friday.)

This park is also equipped with a number of facilities which allow the visitors to enjoy the picnic with their families. Most of the families love to bring their kids to this park and at times some birthday celebrations also take place in the park. Kids, youngsters, adults and even women like this place because it is quite close to nature and presents the cleanest environment.


For those who love shopping, Al Bashra Mall presents a perfect opportunity to take something precious at a suitable cost in order to relive the memories of the perfect trip to Dubai. There are a number of pond parks in Dubai and Al Bashra Park is also an accomplishment of this project. The size of the park is not very big but the facilities and environment is absolutely brilliant. By using luxury cars from rent a car in Dubai, it becomes possible to visit multiple places in Dubai in a single day. A complete trip of one or three months enables the visitors to reach each and every destination with exclusives and unique facilities.


For those who love sports like football, tennis, basketball or cycling, they can avail the perfect opportunity to test their skills in Al Barsha Pond Park. Some tourists never want to let any day pass without workout so this park offers fitness machines to the visitors. Car rental in Dubai provides the tourists with luxury cars at suitable rates and it allows the visitors to remain fresh and physically alert despite visiting different tourist destinations in a single day.