Al Lulu Island – An Awe-Inspiring Amalgam of Natural and Man-Made Beauty

Al Lulu Island is a one thousand and fifty acre artificially made island in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. This man-made island is located near the Coast of Abu Dhabi Island and starts all the way from Abu Dhabi Breakwater to the Zayed Sea Port. Al Lulu Island is not only being developed into a commercial and residential area but also in a fine destination for tourists to visit. Although, developing Al Lulu Island has been closed off to the public yet people still visit there anyways; and why shouldn’t you too? Tired of all the crowded beaches in Abu Dhabi? Want some place more peaceful and less crowded? And, the beach at Al Lulu Island is the perfect place to be at.

Hours and hours of time can be spent there sitting in the beach reading a book under the warm sun, or hanging out with friends, or sight-seeing the natural beauty of the island. As the island is still in its development stage, a huge part of it still feels secluded from the rest of the world, regardless of the fact that people keep visiting this wonderful island even on weekdays just like the weekends.

This peaceful island can be described as a part of the city as well as away from it. Despite being closed to the public, people are still allowed to visit this beautiful island through private boats. You can easily get to the island via a boat from near the Marina Mall. But, to get to the Marina Mall, you would require a fast and reliable ride. That’s where we, one of the most trustworthy car rental in Abu Dhabi companies, come in. Simply, select from car hire or car rent facility of ours to reach at Marina Mall, and eventually to Al Lulu Island. Our car lease service ensures customer satisfaction, and of course, safety.

One day in near future, Al Lulu Island would probably be a busy commercial place in Abu Dhabi, with thousands of tourists coming every day, and also thousands of residents living in. However, at the moment, what it offers most generously is the breathtaking natural beauty while surprisingly being a man-made island. Adding to its charms, it the peace of the island for visitors to enjoy, which also may not exist when this island would be fully renovated. In fact, Al Lulu Island is literally like no other place in the capital of UAE. What other place in Abu Dhabi can people visit for a peaceful afternoon picnic with their family in a beach except Al Lulu Island? Rent a car in Abu Dhabi now to visit this awe-inspiring island which is the perfect getaway to a beautiful private afternoon with loved ones away from all the activities in the noisy and crowded city of Abu Dhabi.

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