Al Qudra Cycle Path –An Exciting Cycling Experience Awaits You

If in the mood for cycling when in Dubai, there is only one place for you to visit- Al Qudra Cycle Path. Located on Al Qudra Road in Dubai, UAE, it is probably the best place for cycling enthusiasts in Dubai. This cycling path is the perfect place to hangout for all the bikers. Simply rent a car from a reliable car rental in Dubai and be on your way to enjoying a nice day; spent your leisure time in cycling through many kilometers of open space.


There is a Trek Cycle Store near the start/finish line, where you can hire a bike or even buy one. The store even has facilities such as a café and a place to change your clothes or take a shower. There are also purpose built shelter houses for the bikers after every fifteen kilometers, but it is still advised to carry a full bottle of water with you while on the track. The cycle stores can provide all the necessary things you may need while cycling, so they should be the first place for you to visit before beginning you cycling ride.


The car rental in Dubai provides you with the facility to car rent, so getting to this wonderful cycling track shouldn’t be too hard for you. Al Qudra Cycle Path is an eighty seven kilometers bike ride. It has a total scaling of nearly a hundred and four kilometers and a maximum elevation of almost a hundred and sixteen kilometers.


Al Qudra Cycle Path is located in the north of the Al Qudra Road. If you have hired a car from rent a car in Dubai facility, then at reaching the cycling path you would be greeted with a big green archway, just after passing the bridge over the Dubai Bypass Road. If you haven’t hired a car or rented a car yet, then do it quickly. Indeed, Al Qudra Cycle Path is a place in Dubai you should try out immediately, especially if you love cycling.


According to many people that have tried to go to the Al Qudra Cycle Path, it is not very easy to reach there because many of the taxi drivers don’t know the location, and it is even harder to leave after you are done with cycling. But, if you have availed a car lease facility then it would be easy for you to not just go to the Al Qudra Cycle Path but also to also return back safely. You can go for car rent from rent a car in Dubai facility and escape into the world of speed and cycling right away. Just lease a car and be on your way to a day of cycling – thrill and enjoyment awaits you!


Undoubtedly, Al Qudra Cycle Path is a place that is guaranteed to satisfy you even if you are not that much into cycling. But, if you are a biker then you shouldn’t waste any more time, just grab your cycle and come to this excellent cycling path immediately. Are you exited and yearning to be here? So, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.