An Exclusive Trip to Dubai Festival City Mall


Dubai Festival City holds a significant value as one of the most visited attractions in Dubai. There are a number of shopping malls in Dubai but Dubai Festival Mall stands out due to some unique features. There are countless number of opportunities for the visitors. Some of these features are shopping, high quality retails, hotels and cafes and cinema etc. The car parking has a capacity of 7000 cars. It is the best option to get a car from car rental in Dubai so that the tour remains comfortable and travelling is enjoyable rather than tiresome.


The timings of Dubai Festival City are as follows:


From Sunday to Wednesday, the mall opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 in at night. As far as the weekend is concerned, i.e. from Thursday to Saturday, the closing timings are 12:00 at night. It means that visiting Dubai Festival City Mall during the weekends allows the visitors to enjoy extra two hours. Timing always remains important for the tourists and rent a car in Dubai provides the tourists with the luxury of quick travelling ultimately saving a lot of time. One important thing must be kept in mind that unlike most of the countries in the world, Dubai and some other Muslim states have weekends on Thursday and Friday. Friday is the Holy Day due to the congregational prayer so offices and other places generally remain close on Friday.


Dubai Festival City Mall provides the visitors with a variety of services. As far as the restaurants are concerned, the visitors have a number of choices. Some important restaurants at this place are Al Fanar Restaurant, Hard Rock Café and Bateel. Most of the tourists love to come to these restaurants repeatedly. The lovers of coffee shop should not get disappointed because there are some excellent coffee shops at Dubai Festival City Mall. Bateel, is one of them. Other coffee shops are Bon Patisseries & Café and Coffeol. If these options are not enough, then the tourists can also visit Costa Coffee and Nestle Toll House Café. All of these restaurants and coffee shops provide distinct taste and the tourists can enjoy the taste they like the most.


There are thousands of tourists visiting Dubai along with their families. Dubai Festival City Mall satisfies the requirements of different people according to their liking. For example, the tourists with their families can enjoy hoteling at Baskin Robbins, Fujiyama, KFC and some other popular hotels and fast food restaurants. Planning a trip to Dubai is sometimes tricky due to shortage of timing. Rent a car in Dubai is a great option to select because in this way it becomes easy to save time through fast and comfortable travelling. These cars are modern, latest models equipped with all the facilities as well as quite economical as compared to the Taxi.  Car rental in Dubai agencies help the tourists through the online booking procedure. In this way the tourists can easily select and book a car well ahead of time.