Antiques Museum Dubai – a Walk through the Historical Corridors

Most of the people come to Dubai for the sake of fun, adventure and playful activities that are rarely available anywhere else in the world. Take for example the famous desert jeep driving, it is a unique experience. On the other hand, the crystal clear beaches in Dubai with the most modern facilities provide once in a lifetime experience to the tourists. Car rental in Dubai agencies enable the visitors to reach these distant places quite easily. Dubai is not all about playful recreation. Dubai’s another major aspect is the historical, cultural and traditional charisma which is quite unique and attractive. Antiques Museum Dubai is the most wonderful place to visit in this regard.


Antiques Museum Dubai preserves the art and culture of this land. It provides the unique opportunity to the visitors to feel the charismatic expression of Arabian culture which has deep roots in ancient times. Fakir Group manages and runs this most significant museum. This place is most famous for the people who love ancient Arabian tools and handicrafts. It is not difficult to reach this place and rent a car in Dubai provides the latest cars with GPS installed to make it easy for the visitors to reach any place they want to visit. This place offers souvenirs from a number of ancient societies including Arabia, Africa and Asia. This majestic piece of art presents an insight of the talent that people possessed during the ancient times.


Most of the items available here are perfect to use in a house. People can purchase lamps, different utensils, cloth, shawls, furniture and much more. This store offers the products that are never seen anywhere else in the world. There is no market or shop that offers these kind of things with such a huge variety as one can find in this museum.


The environment here is quite attractive and presents the feeling of Arabian and Asian cultural values. If a person needs to have an experience of the traditional life in this land, then this is the perfect place to visit. Most of the times, people visit such antique shops or museums but they have to come out empty handed. Obviously, traditional museums don’t offer things for sale and the antique shops set too much high prices and as a result most of the customers cancel their plans to purchase anything. But this is not the case here in Antiques Museum Dubai.


Tourists need not to worry about car parking so they can easily afford to hire a car from car rental in Dubai because huge car parking area allows the people to secure their vehicles without any problem. One must keep in mind that this museum contains thousands of items and sometimes it becomes difficult to make a perfect selection. It is suggested to make a decision by taking full available time rather than making a hasty decision. Rent a car in Dubai helps in this regard because the tourist with a rented car needs not to think about saving time in order to avail the public transport.