Children’s City – A Learning Experience


How great would it be for your children to enjoy a vacation and learn at the same time? That’s what the Children’s City, Dubai, does. It is the first ever educational city built in Dubai, and is the only landmark in Dubai providing facilities for children from two years old to fifteen years old to explore and learn in the beautiful visuals, galleries and activities they have to offer. Dubai, being a renowned tourist destination throughout the world, is known for its transportation problems; but car rental in Dubai takes care of that, you could leave your child in the safe hands and supervision of the staff while you explore Dubai and its rich assortment of attractions.


Children’s City is specifically designed for children; it is a very intriguing museum providing an ideal learning environment for the children. Children’s city features a dedicated under five year old section which provides them their own kind of entertainment and fun. The dedicated staff has also received its share of praise as they are always there to help with a smile. The Children’s City shows an interactive display on space exploration in the planetarium; a dome where the guests can see shows on a variety of topics and subjects, on the stars, galaxies,  and night skies, leading to a very learning experience for all. The staff members are also busy designing new shows and programs, and each visit will be a source of knowledge for all children. For the elders, there are much more activities to do; children usually become hooked with the venue, so you can safely transport them with rent a car in Dubai facility.


The Earth Science Gallery section will enlighten the children about the place they live in and the mysteries around it, shown in a vivid way with innovative display. The section for Human Body will teach the children the basics of the skeleton and the basic human body functions; an examining workbench for each child will be more thrilling for the children as they learn about heart beats, joints, and other activities even including how they could build a body.  The Toddler’s section is even more innovative; with a rubber floor to avoid falling and injury, the children can play many interactive games, enjoying themselves. The Al-Ajyal Theater shows more shows and films for children to learn and enjoy. The Computer and Communication system teaches children about modern communication methods and features a gigantic computer which the children control with a mouse. The vastness of Dubai, and all the areas to explore; the parents may feel bored at this place although it may be deemed as an ideal place for children; so they can go out using car rental in Dubai and go shopping to the malls or check out nearby attractions.


The Children’s City has a lot to offer for children. Its convenient location can also be navigated easily by the tourists with the help of rent a car in Dubai facility. An enlightening experience for every child, the Children’s City also holds regular events and programs for special occasions, and teaches the children various facets of life which they did not know previously. The Children’s City is a rich source of learning for children.