Choose Your Stay at the Luxurious MARINA 101

Like the name goes, MARINA 101 is a 101 story hotel and furnished apartment building, which will be luxury at its best. Vouched to be the world’s tallest hotel apartments, MARINA 101 is an architectural marvel in itself. Situated in Dubai Marina, this is easily the most accessible building, from anywhere in Dubai. Using the public transport or choosing to rent a car in Dubai, MARINA 101 can be reached pretty conveniently from the Sheikh Zayed Road. Visitors to the country would be surprised to learn as to how affordable and quick it is to opt for a rent car. Car rent, car hire and car lease are as easy as planning a dinner menu.


Dubai Marina is a modern residential and office complex, with tons of options for shopping and dining as well. Situated just off the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Dubai Marina has several shopping complexes in its vicinity. The MARINA 101 will have the Hard Rock Hotel, covering the first 33 floors of this building. Together with that, the top most floor will have a Hard Rock Cafe and Lounge. This exciting lounge will offer fine dining and have music at its best. It is relatively easy to opt for car rental in Dubai, as opposed to taking a taxi-cab. The reason being that, though not very extravagantly expensive, the many detours and by-lanes will make one want to tour this area and the city at one’s own pace. It stands true that taking a taxi is the easy way out, in the quest of exploring a city, but if one can save the rental costs, then it definitely is an option.


MARINA 101 is going to be offering remarkable views of the city, naturally, as it will tower the Dubai skyline. Placing itself in the list of skyscrapers of Dubai, there are definitely high expectations from a building of this stature. There are several car rent companies in the Marina, offering visitors the option of car rental in Dubai. The most intriguing part of the MARINA 101 tower is obviously going to be the Hard Rock Hotel. It will be one of the most stylish and modern new hotel on the block, with its signature Hard Rock Theme throughout its 281 rooms. From a Rock Spa, to the Body Rock workout facility, to the world famous Rock Shop and The Sound of your Stay – the Hard Rock band’s music amenity program, this Hotel is going to be offering it all.


Reaching here from any part of Dubai is relatively easy, thanks to the east of car lease, car hire and rent car. As it is located in a prime location, so, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.


Tourists and visitors to the country can most conveniently even opt for rent a car in Dubai, with several offices situated in the Dubai International Airport and all around the city.