Circle Café Dubai –Let’s Experience the Richness of Food

Dubai is an exquisite spot for tourists throughout the world to congregate and explore. It has attractions for people of all mindsets, ages, and personalities; people stopping by hardly go unsatisfied. Among the vast populace which throngs Dubai in flocks, a large portion of them are food lovers. And for them, what Dubai offers is its variety of cuisines choices gathered from all around the world and combined with a special touch of its own. The foodies don’t have to go far in this case-the Circle Café is there to make your taste buds dance in joy. Their branches are spread throughout Dubai and during your tours around Dubai (which you could easily afford to do using the car rental in Dubai, offering facilities for car lease and car rent), you can just pop in and have a quick, healthy and satisfying meal at the Circle Café.

The Circle Café was founded in 2003 and the notions surrounding its inception are quite unique to say the least. It was founded by two mothers; who were in love with American bagels; but could barely locate any in any of Dubai’s platters. So, what next? Nothing more, except the creation of one of the most popular and well known casual dining restaurants in Dubai. From a simple coffee and bagel shop, the way they have diversified and evolved is a great example of how far they’ve gone, the Circle becoming a renowned and sought-for franchise. Touring Dubai is something of a big adventure, so using the rent a car in Dubai facility, car hire and car rent can guide you throughout Dubai with ease and no hitches at all.

The Circle Café provides a very homey atmosphere which allows everyone to relate to this eating spot with ease. The food is also very healthy; what was just a menu of bagels has evolved into a deluxe breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with delicious food. The staff is also brilliantly trained, always ready to serve with a smile. The beauty of the Circle Café is its excellent ability to present the best sort of food with the healthiest content. The interior décor of each branch is also to be noted; the white and pristine furniture is always kept clean and the customers are always satisfied with the clean environment. The Circle Café also has a catering service to serve bulk orders to meet the skyrocketing demand of the foodies.

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Dubai’s multinational cuisine and the sheer variety of restaurants in it is something to marvel at and the Circle Café is one of them which gives the customers the healthiest, delicious food with great smile and service. So, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.