Count yourself among st the lucky ones to watch unfolding of the flag, a gigantic notable, pulled by an air plane, people locating 20 Kms away can catch the breath taking views.Otherwise if you’re at the Corniche Beach and picnic lands when the Emirati sky shatters in an uprising colors as national jets presents a bright air illustration for the thousands assembled below.

The National Day merriments in UAE are meant to take a pause from the monotonous routine, to bring some motivation to your mood.

Festival season is by your side, and while you’d classically imagine the midair to be overstocked with the resonances of summer, unhappily, just as often it’s pack with shower in its place.

Yet, the unfaithful circumstances underfoot seemed to do little to diminish the moods of people at this year’s event as they meet a lot of the transport problems. Perhaps as the festivity comes nearer the chances to hire the best Car travelers at an affordable range also gets difficult.

Feast in the favorable restaurants at The Ritz Carlton Dubai. Whether you crave a wonderfully mottled steak or a definitive Belgian salver, the hotel’s restaurants provide seats where you can reduce in an informal manner.The vintage and contemporary elevated eateries and terraces at each floor is the modern- way of welcoming guests in the hotel.

A fashionable patisserie and coffee bar that is dedicated to a great sounding bar.

Naturally, taking all the vital stuff needs more and more space in the car. Storing more goods in your bag will now face no bad consequences. Amexuae Cars have extra space to fit in your essentials. So make sure you build in enough time to plan your exportation instead coming out empty.You won’t need to invest much for your luggage as our chauffeur can store all that extra stuff safely.

Stop worrying about the parking spaces now. We know well how to save your ample time. Let’s not waste time in these little chores. Keep on thinking about the feasibilities once you get to the festival.

The Ritz Dubai is an ideal location for all the nearby people just landing in UAE. The hotel is positioned at a 20 minutes straight drive from the Airport and the metro station.

The hotel has to say much on your comforts and that is why it is situated near to the well- known malls. Amexuae can take you to the malls and will safely drop you at the doors of your lodging.

The Dubai International Financial Centre, at a little distance from the hotel, cheers high- end fine art galleries, restaurants and bars. Guests will find plentiful frivolous chances neighboring, counting boating, desert safaris and aqua sports.


Amexuae will ease you through your journey home after the exhausting festivity you gathered for. The roomy, air- conditioned, well-appointed and cozy chauffeur is the best way to overcome the stress. Chill out by listening to music and having snacks on the road while our driver can take care of your well- being and relaxation.

Amexuae have developed its roots in UAE thus takes an active part in National Day celebrations. Join us in the glees of lifting up our flag high in the air.