Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Something for Everyone


Dubai is the hub for attractions and appeal. Its thriving tourism industry is kept alive by new attractions and landmarks created, each having its own magnificence and beauty to attract everyone. The transport has also been cleared by the facility of car rental in Dubai, cutting down the hassles usually people have to face. Of the thousands of sights Dubai has to offer, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has everything a family could want, the awe-inspiring environments and scenarios and an enjoyable educational tour. You learn hosts of interesting things about marine life and the vast aqua. The Dubai Aquarium tank, located in the ‘The Dubai Mall’ harbors about 140 species of aquatic wildlife; over three hundred sharks, and thousands of other aquatic animals.


The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the largest collection of suspended aquariums in the world and they have a whole lot to offer. Besides of being comparatively inexpensive, it features a relaxing aura which is very enjoyable, and it is comforting to look at the monotonous life of the marine animals inside the tanks. A breathtaking exhibition, not many places in the entire planet could feature this beauty. It is also informative, cheerful and moreover amiable staff helps you to know much more about marine animals as well. Located conveniently in The Dubai Mall, it is quite easy to spot and find. Navigating through the labyrinths of Dubai is made easier with the proficient drivers available through the facility rent a car in Dubai. Exotic views and very rare species make the aquarium different from any other aquariums, possibly in the whole world.


The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo also features packages which families may take according to their needs as they can explore and take a tour around the elegant collection. But even the basic package, the Researcher package is enough to give everyone a satisfying experience. The underwater observatory is very detailed and intricately designed and it is simply spectacular to watch and marvel at the views. Going up as far as the third floor of The Dubai Mall, the other packages give you more facilities that will give you an even better experience of marine wildlife. As you walk through the aquarium tunnel, you can see the sharks and rays swimming everywhere, which is a display of its own. You could also feed the fishes, which is also a fun experience popular among most people. If you are more adventurous, you could go on a glass-bottom boat tour, which gives you a further insight to aquatic life. You could also go back to your accommodation at any time you wish, through car rental in Dubai, which will assist you in flexible travelling.


There are very few places in this planet which manage to enthrall us to even this extent. Dubai is always the hustling and bustling city with tourists and markets all round, and often many tourists want a break from the hectic travelling; and the Dubai Aquarium is the perfect place for the very reason. It is quite relaxing to have rent a car in Dubai that removes the pain of hiring a taxi every time you have to go back to your accommodation or for any other need. The spell-binding experience and panorama that Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offers surely dazzle any person going inside and viewing the wondrous aquatic life closely will surely make you feel that a visit to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is truly a mesmerizing experience.