Dubai Butterfly Garden – A Delightful Experience of Nature

Dubai has gained popularity across the globe for its enriched tourism industry. This modern city has amused people numerous times in the past by its mind-blowing landmarks. Thus, tourists are never bored on a Dubai trip. However, increased popularity has led to congestion and high demand for quality transportation. If you are going on a Dubai trip, then it is better to get a car rental in Dubai service; a car rent is the ultimate solution for convenient transportation.

One of the newest attractions of Dubai, a city which already boasts plentiful attraction sites, is the Dubai Butterfly Garden. It was inaugurated on 24th of March, 2015 and is situated near the Dubai Miracle Garden. If you ask your rent a car in Dubai service, they can drive you there. Hence, there won’t be any trouble with navigation. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is the largest of its kind in the whole world and it houses around 15,000 butterflies of various species and from many different countries. Nature-lovers, it’s time you board your car hire vehicle and rush to this astonishing place!

Since you have a car lease, you can visit this place anytime of your trip. The garden is open from 9 am to 6 pm. It has been built on a vast piece of land, where nine domes have been erected. The domes have triangular glass windows to let sufficient amount of light inside and the interior temperature is strictly controlled by high-tech systems to ensure the perfect environment for the butterflies.

As tourists take a stroll inside one of these domes, their eyes will probably stun due to the vividly colored foliage and especially the butterflies- in simple worlds, there are colors everywhere! Unlike any other butterfly garden across the globe, butterflies flutter around freely in The Dubai Butterfly Garden and the tourists are allowed to interact with them. However, you are warned not to be reckless and not to destroy anything, even not the plants. Quickly ask your rent a car in Dubai facility to let you visit this magnificent park.

Moreover, inside the domes, there are netted gazebos where one can sit and experience butterflies close-up. The butterflies move about just around you and you can even hear every flutter of their wings. The sanctuary also provides an opportunity to observe the life cycles of butterflies. Even more amazing is the fact that there are a few parakeets, budgies and canaries in the cages; recorded bird sounds are also played to give a more realistic feel. It should be mentioned that The Dubai Butterfly Garden also has a museum where you can learn many facts about these extraordinary creatures. Parking facilities will be available to keep your vehicle from the car hire safe. After you are done with your day’s visit, you can retreat to your accommodation with the help of your car lease without any hassle.

If you include Dubai Butterfly Garden in your list of places to visit, your Dubai experience is bound to be incredible. And, if you have a car rent service availed from car rental in Dubai agency, then it will be totally free of hassles. So, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.