Dubai Ice Rink – What an Amazing Experience to Have!


When a person thinks about Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is the hot weather and huge deserted land full of sand. But things have changed dramatically. Today people experience those joys of life in Dubai that were previously attributed to European countries only. Just think about great theme parks, gardens, huge skyscrapers, innovative engineering, car racing and skating. All of these luxuries were found in Europe or in some countries of Asia such as Japan. But Dubai has emerged as a miraculous land. For example, the quality of travelling is extra ordinary in Dubai. Rent a car in Dubai presents modern and luxurious cars at very reasonable rates. Car rental in Dubai also signifies the quality of services and high level of lifestyle in Dubai.


Gone are the days when people had to wait for buses and taxis for hours. That time has also gone when people suffered from the hot sun shining on Dubai’s desert. Today, the tourists can even enjoy Dubai Ice Rink. Yes, I am not making a mistake. Dubai Ice Rink is a great landmark for this land and it is equipped with an internationally recognized Olympic Size ice rink. Now, there is no need to wait for the winter or go to Switzerland for ice-sports. Basically, Dubai Ice Rink is presented by the famous Emaar Retail. The great thing is that Dubai Ice Rink is the host of internationally recognized competitions. The quality and standard of ice rink is top class and is admired by the lovers of ice-sports. Tourists with family mostly prefer car rental in Dubai for a better experience and Dubai Ice Rink has a huge car parking to facilitate the visitors coming with their own cars.


Dubai Ice Rink facilitates the visitors with a capacity of 350 seats. Tit is the perfect place for the tourists coming with families. Everyone visiting Dubai enjoys this place a lot. There are a number of other facilities in Dubai Ice Rink. Different events are also organized at this place. The ice rink basically serves as a multipurpose place. Moreover, Dubai Ice Rink hosts the vent of Emirates Hockey League Cup. A large screen also facilitates the visitors with a great opportunity to enjoy all the great spectacles in the rink. Learn to Skate is the name of the program which has been started by the management of Dubai Ice Rink. This program includes trainings and staking lessons at different levels. The duration of the training also varies according to the level of the training. Rent a car in Dubai serves with great cars and it becomes easy to reach Dubai Ice Rink for continues lessons which last for few weeks.


The process of enrollment for a training course is quite simple. It just needs to contact the receptionist at the counter. A small form has to be filled and the payment can be made in cash or through MasterCard and Visa Card. In order to determine the level of training course, it is better to test the skills by going through an assessment lesson.