Dubai International Art Centre – A Paradise of Art Lovers on Earth

Art is a beautiful thing that can be expressed in many different forms, such as painting, sculpting, sketching, building, etc. It is a skill that many desire to acquire and hone. In Dubai, there is one such place that is dedicated to the enrichment of art in the local community, the Dubai International Art Centre. Committed to helping develop artists and promoting art in Dubai, the Dubai International Art Centreis where you can improve your artistic skills. Over eighty different art courses, workshops, language courses, etc. are offered here. If you want to dedicate yourself to art this is the place for you to be. The address for the art centreis Villa 27, Street 75b near the Mercato Mall in the Jumeirah Road. We, the car rental in Dubai, can take you there if you use our car rent service or hire car from us. We ensure you a safe trip to the Dubai International Art Centre, or anywhere else in Dubai you would want to be in. All you need to do is call us in order to rent car or lease car from us.


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