Dubai Municipality Museum – Know about Dubai’s History


Millions of tourists flock into Dubai every year as Dubai possesses numerous attractions for tourists. The city itself is a glorious and modern one – striking in all possible ways. It is in fact one of the world’s richest and most developed cities. In the midst of all the visits to different tourist spots of Dubai, have you ever wished to learn about the city? How it had been fifty years ago? How it developed from its initial stage to this mega city? If yes, then hire a vehicle from car rental in Dubai and go to the quaint building of Dubai Municipality Museum. It is located in Bani Yas Road, next to Spice Souq and opposite Dubai Creek.


The building itself is ancient- it was built in 1957. Originally, when it was constructed it had a ground floor where there were commercial stores while the upper floor was added to serve as a dormitory for the traders. This is usually called “wakalah or Khan”. In the same year, Dubai Municipality offices shifted to the building; it became its head quarter until 1964. Later, the Municipality was moved to a new building at the Al Maktoum road. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Acting Director General of Dubai Municipality, said at the time that the museum represents the legacy of their forefathers. Owing to its historical significance related to Dubai Municipality and also its location’s significance (in the middle of Old Deira market and next to the Creek), in 1999, with the use of traditional materials, the building was renovated, equipped and restored by Architectural Heritage Department to become a museum devoted to the Municipality history. It was officially inaugurated in 2006.


You can visit the museum by hiring a car from a reliable rent a car in Dubai agency to learn about all of Dubai’s interesting history. A short film is shown at the museum regarding the development of the municipality. Among the exhibits, you can see assorted charts, municipal stamps and other documents including the 1966 decree ordering traffic to drive on the right (vehicles had previously driven on the left as per British style) and the revolutionary city plan of 1960 showing the planned development of Deira and Bur Dubai – it was a meager one compared to recent developments but obviously a dreamy one for that time. Artifacts on show also include orders of former and current officials, in particular an order of the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, appointing municipal council members. Many rare photographs are available on display that show historic scenes of a meeting of the first municipal council, the public library in 1962, Deira’sclock tower roundabout in 1963 and work on the Shindagha Tunnel in 1975, among others.


The museum offers free guided tour, but to get there easily you need to contact a rent a car in Dubai service agency.Also keep in mind that during the month of Holy Ramadan and official holidays, the exhibition times are different. So, try collecting information before your visit. You can also arrange a group tour on demand.


So, wait not and quickly hire a vehicle from car rental in Dubai and drive to know about the old Dubai!