Dubai Outlet Mall – Shopaholics Paradise


Dubai Outlet Mall has become a famous attraction for the lovers of shopping. People from all over the world love to visit this place in order to get a chance of purchasing high quality brand items at reasonable rates with amazing discount offers. Dubai Outlet Mall was the first establishment in the Middle East which brought the concept of outlet in this land. There are nearly 250 stores in this huge mall with the quality products featuring almost all the famous brands from all over the world. This place is simply the best opportunity for the people who love shopping with fun. Reaching Dubai Outlet Mall becomes easier with the help of car rental in Dubai as this facility helps the visitors to get rid of the complications of public transportation.


The feature of HPM is perhaps the major reason which attracts thousands of visitors to this mall. HPM is the short for of Half Price Mondays and it provides the visitors with a great chance of purchasing outstanding products from quality brands at half or more than half discount on the products. This is the feature which makes this mall far better than the others with the customers’ perspective. The good thing is that these discounts are not allowed on the local or cheaper brands. Most famous brands of the world are also available at discounted rates. This is perhaps the only place in the world where half discount literally means 50% discount. This is not a cheap promotional strategy.


As far as the facilities for the visitors are concerned, the most important is the huge car parking area. So the visitors do not have to worry about the parking and those who don’t have their own cars should opt for rent a car in Dubai to enjoy the trip to the full extent. Dubai Outlet Mall is actually linked with Dubailand. Another major characteristic of Dubai Outlet Mall is that it serves the visitors with shuttle service which covers routes to different hotels and tourist spots. Visiting over 250 stores at one place can be a challenging task so Dubai Outlet Mall has a solution for those want some refreshment. There are a number of restaurants and cafes to serve the visitors with different quality products. McDonald’s and KFC have also established their fast food points in Dubai Outlet Mall. It is definitely going to be a fun at Dubai Outlet Mall with all these facilities plus a great discount on HPMs.


During the weekdays, i.e. from Saturday to Wednesday, the mall opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 at night. In Dubai, the weekend days are Thursday and Friday. On these days the mall remains open until 12:00 at night. There is no need to waste time. Book a luxury car from rent a car in Dubai and enjoy the ultimate fun during the trip. Having a car makes it easier for the tourists to visit as many places as they can during their short stay in Dubai. Car rental in Dubai agencies also allow the tourists to book their favorite cars through online booking portal.