Dubai Police Museum – A Tribute to the Dubai Law Enforcement


Dubai’s diversity and rich variety of attractions makes it a joy for tourists to visit. The huge number of landmarks this place has to offer makes the tourists come again and again, as usually they cannot complete their expedition in just one visit. Moreover, rent a car in Dubai is a great facility to enjoy the benefits of a personal car, so the tourists are not discouraged by transportation hindrances. Among the excellent landmarks of Dubai, one of them is the Dubai Police Museum, where you can investigate and learn more about the city’s police force and how it has evolved throughout the years.


The Dubai Police Museum located at the Dubai Police Headquarters is a well-stocked source of information about the law and order in the country. It basically presents an introduction to the law and order of the country and keeps a record of the Dubai Police Force’s accomplishments and endeavors since its inception in 1956. Opened to the public in 1987, it features many old photographs, documents and exhibits which force the tourist to do further research on them.  Consisting of three exhibit halls, it documents many initiatives and activities police has enforced to reduce crime rate, especially the anti-drug efforts the police have rigorously undertaken in trying times. The three exhibit halls also consist of research halls, where enthusiasts can easily get access to information about the Dubai police. A full tour of this museum is not simply possible in one day, such is the depth of this museum. Thus, the car rental in Dubai gives a cheap and fast alternative for regular visits to the Dubai Police Museum.


The old museum harbors many relics of the police force, many items which have been used including photographs and documents displaying many new changes and practices introduced to Dubai’s law. It also shows the various weapons used by the Dubai Police Force and it is quite a sight to see the old weapons which were once used by the police. Not only that, it also exhibits the weapons confiscated throughout the years. Even artifacts created by prisoners are on display which is quite interesting for tourists to view. The classic and old uniforms are also on display and there are also old radars and other communication equipment which clearly show the evolution of technology throughout the years. It also emphasizes the largest hindrance which Dubai faces; drug trade, and the museum also shows a few representations of how drugs were smuggled in the country. In the rush of Dubai’s many attractions, this landmark cannot be missed and with rent a car in Dubai reducing transportation problems for the tourists, they can freely enjoy the historical knowledge this museum offers.


For a thriving tourist capital, where the tourists are able to get good accommodation facilities, good transportation facilities in the form of car rental in Dubai, and many other services, the Dubai Police Museum will enlighten the visitors’ vision further about Dubai in general.