Dubai Snowdome or Ski Dubai – Winter Adventure Awaits You

For a frosty winter experience combined with winter games like skiing, in 2006, Dubai government and private sector both stepped forward to initiate a unique project aimed at providing wintry weather for the whole year. This project was estimated to cost AED 18 billion. A huge sized dome is also included in this project which will rise from skyline of Dubai land and this will be called snowdome or Dubai Sunny Mountain or Sky Dome. It is planned to provide original winter experience throughout the year. It will provide activities for people and children and will be full of entertainment and unique experience.
For visitors’ information, Dubai Snowdome is often mistaken with Ski Dubai (also referred to as Snowdome) which is located in the Mall of the Emirates at Sheikh Zayed Road. Car rental in Dubai would be there to easily take you to this marvel of snow as well to experience winter in extreme summer of Dubai. Children and families can go to this unique and one of its kind place by using rent a car in Dubai. Activities like skiing, playing with snow penguins are very entertaining and providing such experience in hot weather of Dubai is amazing. Rent car makes it easy for families to go to such places easily because safe car lease system is comfortable for families to move to any place at any time without any hesitation at highly affordable rates.
Since all kind of Arctic experiences including Penguinarium, winter aquaria, snow castle are present in it. So, this snowdome covers entertainment for people from all ages. Snow animals’ statues are present in it to make this experience more original. 4 season aquaria, snowfall, sound and light effects increase the fun of such experience and attract visitors from all over the world.
Now, coming back to Dubai Snowdome which is still an unfinished project, its dome will be made up of steel; quite huge in terms of size, it will be more like a network of steel rods and wires. Geothermic energy will be used by boring its rods to the ground. Furthermore, to increase its stability, the dome rods will be bored to a depth or around 200ft. Rent a car in Dubai would be the best option to reach by this snowdome.
A cable lift will be installed inside the dome to give a full overview to the visitors and to let them know about the facilities present in this dome. Coffee shops will be present inside the dome offering tastiest coffee in cold wintry weather. Car rental in Dubai will take you to the deluxe hotel present inside the dome to spend some days in a winter season if you would get fed up with the summer and high temperature.
Shopping mall inside the snowdome will let you shop along with all the fun and entertainment of the winter season. Car lease will allow you reach this place easily without any hassle. Cold and warm bath spa will be making your visit to this place worthy and memorable.
So, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service during your trip to today’s Ski Dubai and future’s Snowdome. Because car hire makes it easy to move within the Dubai city for entertainment, shopping, fun and laughter.