Emirates Hill – Residence of Your Dreams

Dubai; just the name pops up images of glamour, fun and the sense of vacations in anybody’s mind, regardless of whether they have actually been to the city or not. However, what most fail to realize is that Dubai extends beyond recreation and shopping malls. Dubai in itself is a city of many wonders, and is home to rue marvels of human engineering and beauty. One such wonder is the Emirates Hill. Emirates Hill is a residential area in Dubai which is quite upscale and premium, as evident by the residents that live there.
Emirates Hill, aptly named after the ever so renowned Beverly Hills in the United States of America, is home to a small population of expatriates. This compound is largely known for being one of the first freehold (free to own) places in Dubai that is the estates are largely owned by expatriates. The compound contains a large 18-hole golf course that has been designed by seven time European Order of Merit winner and pro golfer Colin Montogomerie. The estate compound features estates for people who belong to not just the upper class but also to the middle class community.
What does Emirates Hills have to do with tourism though? For one, there are certain tourists or business people who will be availing temporary residence at Emirates Hills. For another, there will certainly be tourists who love to experience good architecture, and would like to visit the golf course, as it is deemed one of Dubai’s best golf course. Of course, tourists are welcome to this lavish mini city; however a major hurdle that people often face is the factor of transportation. This hurdle can seem to be quite a headache to get over.
Tourists can, of course, avail public transport, however, renting a taxi is really expensive and travelling through metro is very hassling. A third option would be to opt for a private car. This can be done by going for a car hire or car rent, which is a rather inflexible service. That’s why tourists mostly prefer to opt for a car rental in Dubai.
If the tourists opts to rent a car in Dubai, they will realize that this is probably the most affordable, flexible and efficient way of getting around the city. Once a tourist decides on a car rental in Dubai, the vendor drops the car off to the location of the tourist. The fee is charged either on a per hour basis or on a day basis; this timing will be pre-decided between the customer and car rental in Dubai agency. The whole process is as easy as three steps. So, if you are a tourist who is staying at the Emirates Hill, or is just going there for a visit, be sure to rent a car in Dubai. In fact, regardless of where you are, be it any other part of the city, or in Emirates Hill, do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.