Golden Fork Restaurant: Eat with Class

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Food undoubtedly is an essential of life but there is more to it than just satisfying your appetite and providing you the necessary nutrients. Food is a source of entertainment. It connects you with your loved ones and helps make indelible memories.  You discuss a lot of personal problems, family matters and even business affairs over the dinner table. So without any doubt food is an identity and a significant part of our lives, “as they say you are what you eat.”


When we discuss Dubai’s favorite and most famous restaurants, Golden Fork Restaurant is definitely a very prominent part of the discussion. Dubai is the tourist hub and shopping capital of UAE, so any great restaurant needs to maintain international standards. Golden fork is a fine cuisine, serving fresh seafood, juicy succulent steaks, scrumptious burgers and healthy but mouth watering vegetarian delicacies. It also serves a variety of refreshing cocktails, divinely epic desserts and soft, sweet and delicious cakes. The best thing is that you can order your cocktail the way you want. The exotic food is presented in a very spectacular manner and has such an inviting aroma that it not only tantalizes your taste buds but also is a treat for your eyes and satisfies you completely. The sea food is a specialty of this restaurant and the shrimps, prawns and fish are cooked in such an amazing and flavorsome way that every bite is a blast of flavors and providing a fusion of different herbs and spices. It also serves scrumptious and authentic Chinese and Continental food. The food is served hot and in stylish platters in an attractively decorated manner so just the look of it is mouth watering. The food quality and taste are unmatched and prove to be high class. The staff is very friendly and efficient trying its best to make you feel pampered and comfortable. The ambiance is also very nice. It is an ideal place to visit with your family and friends. One can also invite his business delegates to lunch or dinner to this fine dining restaurant. The food, crockery and the accommodation is hygienic. Great standards of personal and premises’ hygiene are maintained so that to ensure healthy and clean eating.


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