Grand Hyatt Hotel: Manifestation of Sophistication

A five star hotel with 674 hotel rooms and suites and 186 residential apartments, the Grand Hyatt is a divination of class and sophistication. The hotel has everything that a top-notch hotel requires from well-decorated lobbies to extravagant dining halls and complacent and cozy rooms. The hotel is located in the Zabeel area near the edge of Dubai’s historic creek and is close to important financial centers, the Dubai International airport, and major attractions of Dubai that gives it a great strategic advantage. Dubai is quite famous for the lavish hotels located in this emirate and one will definitely come to believe it after a trip to this marvelous place.


The hotel guarantees high quality service and very friendly staff to ensure comfort and affluence of the guests. Enclosed in lush green airy yards the guests can relax and breathe a sigh of relief away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine of their daily lives. It also contains golf courses and spacious areas for various other sports specifically for sports lovers, well-designed fitness centers that will allow the guests to forget all their stress and apprehensions, kids clubs and huge pools with temperature adjustments where the visitors can luxuriously swim. The lobby has an indoor rainforest as well which has diverse effects on the atmosphere. The hotel also provides an epic sight of the rest of the skyscrapers in Dubai. There is good news for the food lovers as the hotel houses 13 high class restaurants offering beautifully presented flavorsome and aromatic food from different cuisines of the world that are surely going to tantalize the taste buds and have an incredible eating experience. The cuisines include Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, American style steaks, Italian and many other diverse forms of eateries all under one roof that provide authentic taste and flavors. It also provides Sheesha, an Arabic specialty mostly favorite among the younger lot.


It also has halls like the Al Manzil for events like business meetings, parties, birthdays, or weddings. The décor of Al Manzil is similar to that of a residential multi event venue providing a new opportunity for business delegates to meet and plan business ventures or for families to arrange grand weddings to make the most important days memorable in a unique ambiance. It also has high quality audiovisual facilities for presentations.


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