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A sphere of captivating spaces lie in wait for you, and Amexuae Travel will assemble the trip of a lifespan just for you. You’ll relish in a trip that will meet your benefits, your financial plan and your physical skills.

Countless people from the old age group adore traveling. Most of them have kept plans. Once they retire, they feel like to drop their plans. From vacations to car trips, there are all types of settings and Amexuae travels geared to the elder generation. We can set up the complete trip on road for you. All you have to see to is showing up on the arrival. We have allotted great discounted amounts for you and your group to lay down in great resorts.

Found in the core of the city, Raffles Dubai is just at 10 minutes’ drive from The Dubai International Airport, linked to Wafi Mall, Dubai’s finestrégime and stand-in compound with a nominated elder people neighborhood along with a short drive from Downtown BurjKhalifa and Dubai Mall.

Rooms and suites stands in between some of the largest hotels in the city. Launching at 70 square meters with airy terraces, every single suite bids striking assessments of Dubai’s horizon, unmatched class of coziness, stylishness and archetypal generosity.

You’ve determined to consume healthier, and eat better you will. Why not revel in a visit of food-filled amusement. Rent a car from Amexuae and take pleasure in Dubai’s utmost jaw-dropping backdrop at the same time as participating in a culinary escapade.

Pamper in Raffles gastronomic fare with various restaurants and bars. Appreciate quality mark breakfast and lunch buffet at the all-hour feasting restaurant Azur, taste on your preferred fusions at Crossroads Cocktail Bar or devote some time by the cool waters with the access of food and drinks from the Poolside Restaurant and bar. Grip the backdrop at Raffles Lawn while Raffles Salon deals with a well-earned opportunity of a hot drink and a self-indulgent sugary delight.

If that all echoes too much like hard stuff, otherwise just take a glimpse at some of the UAE’s best food festivals. Every where round the realm, there are fiestas faithful to every cuisine under the sun, from decorations to asparagus and sea food to garlic. Unconcerned of what the time of year it is we have always something kept for you. Just gather in the crowd and fill your temptations with loads of food.

Raffles Spa is intended for your well- deserved break at the spot. Lie down in the waters of the health Spa and ease your routine with the first in row fitness center.

Separately from Dubai, a home at a distance, Raffles Dubai is are treat of tranquil and serene with an unbelievable wisdom of cosmos, provision and cherished panache.

Amexuae is a vigorous, advanced and settled Rent-a-car company and we are contented to share our understandings with you so that you can escape from costly,unsatisfying or even hazardous travel slip-ups. Matching your physical strength we have envisioned different travel tips and plans for you. Amexuae Travel Company proposes shuttles that are reachable to people with flexibility questions. If you are a walker, holidaymaker, voyager, or a fervent runner we can help you to configure your seamless dynamic excursion to mark pages in your “dream holiday destination”.

Through continuous daylight, enthralling deserts, gorgeous coasts, comfortable hotels and shopping centers, mesmerizing heritage lures and a flourishing corporate community, Dubai accepts masses of time-out and commercial guests each year from around the world. Most of them are served by Amexuae that keeps on upgrading their style apart.