Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai – An Exemplary Living Experience

Life can get monotonous at one point. This is when you should take a break to get yourself free from the odds of routine lifestyle and go on a refreshing tour abroad. An ideal holiday destination, for family or friends, would definitely be the cosmopolitan city Dubai. A city packed with glorious attractions for tourists, Dubai has it all for a fun and exciting trip!

However, like coin with two faces- a head and a tail- Dubai has its share of adversities as well. Being a popular city among the global citizen and a hub of world business, Dubai experiences the worst cases of traffic congestions. If you don’t want to end up wasting half of your vacation waiting in a crawling queue of traffic, it is strongly advised to contact a reliable rent a car in Dubai service. Car rental in Dubai services offer luxury vehicles to ease your travels around the city. It is a good idea to pre-book your car rent to avoid hassles later on.

The other problem of Dubai is that increase in tourism has provoked a plethora of hotels to come to existence. While each tries to attract customers through differentiation and innovation, the poor tourists are befuddled and often choose the wrong one on the list. One of the best accommodations in Dubai you could get is the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa. Your car hire would know its location. So, as soon as you reach Dubai, your car lease service can pick you up from the airport to directly drive you there.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa offers 504 exclusive rooms and suites; the ceiling-to-floor glass windows provide a majestic aerial view of the Arabian Gulf where the azure sky melds with the expanse of the sea. The hotel is located in proximity to the well-known JBR Walk. It also provides direct beach access. Hurry up! Get your car lease and take a route to Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa!

If you are still not convinced, then you should know about the hotel’s other services and amenities. It boasts three temperature regulated swimming pools while the athletic ones can hit the tennis and squash courts. Leave the children to engage in fun and creative games and activities at the hotel’s Penguin Club. The Caracalla Spa offers world-class massages, aromatherapy and other treatments to revive both your soul and body. Other amenities include florist, boat trips, Jacuzzi, water skiing, kayaks, wind surfing, fishing, free Wi-Fi and of course parking facilities to secure your vehicle from rent a car in Dubai service.

You may also ask your car rental in Dubai service to drive you to Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa whenever you yearn for some mouth-watering food. Le Royal Meridien has esteemed restaurants that offer a menu that includes dishes from all over the globe- so whatever your taste, Le Royal Meridien has it all!

So, you see how a car hire facility and an accommodation at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa can make an ordinary Dubai trip an extraordinary one. Do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service.