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The ruby of the eye is the Abra tour. When you first arrive in the city and have no knowledge at figuring out the famous spots to catch on in UAE, just approach us so that we can your first ride to Abra which is 20 minutes away from the hotel.

Al Qasr means ‘The Palace’ – and this hotel undoubtedly is an ornament in the head of Madinat Jumeirah.

Wait a minute, in the palace Amexuae will treat you like The ‘Kings’ and The ‘Queens’.

The hotel’s art and architecture is inspired by the Sheikh’s summer house which speaks the modern language of style.

Advanced along a tree-creased street, festooned with beautifully shaped Arabian horses, the hotel itself have awe- inspiring views.  A compliment to the longstanding architectural elegances of Arabia, Jumeirah Al Qasr is a refuge to luxury. It’s a place committed to comforting, occupying and the better things ahead.

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At Amexuae, we have aimed it as our task to be a part of the city’s revival story. Putting aside the matters of dense traffic flow, let’s have a stare at UAE’scar park distresses. Community parking method in the city has not stood to retain pace with the severe growth in the number of vehicles out on the roads. In parts of UAE, one of the most over filled parts of the city, the state is so terrible that inhabitants have stopped to care about the everyday parking permits passed on by the cops.

As share of the splendid Jumeirah Al Qasr, it offers all the conveniences and happenings of anextensiveoption. First-rateeateries, bars and snack bars, Talise Spa and the hotel’s fitness club Talise, is anold-style market place lodging notches of shops and walkways.

The one notable feature in Madinat Jumeriah is the quality of food as it will tantalize your taste buds. The hotel’s distinct variety of restaurants and bars standing among st 40 others have a lot to choose from the menu.

Whether you feel like a twilight of enormous Thai or an evening on the shingles with the hand picked combinations, you’ll find your perceptions effusively pleased at MadinatJumeirah.

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