Murjan Splash Park Abu Dhabi–Complete, fabulous, splashing amusement for Children in Water

Murjan Splash Park in Abu Dhabi located in Khalifa Park, near Falcon Entrance is an amusement venue for children. It boasts marvelous water-based attractions and rides for kids. Its central structure is the Water Play area which is a shallow waterpuddlehavingone enormous slanting bucket,four small waterslides, crawl channel, playing water guns, water umbrella, some little tipping buckets, water wheel, and water showers. The place is a splendid visiting site for kids and they relish their time to the fullest with their parents is the playful environment. The park is easily approachable by all residents and tourists owing to the fabulous transportation facilities available all across the city and the fabulous rent a car services adds the most to this ease.

Murjan also offers a 257m long sluggish artificial river which is 0.6m deep where the guest children have the amenities to relax in a floating tube and jaunt it around the twists of the Murjan Park.The more adventurous ones can have fabulous amusement at the Water Balloon Wars. This zonecomprises of station filled with balloonsand the players fill a pail full of water balloons. Two or more people up to four can enjoy water balloon fight facing each other at the balloon launching stations. The Lili Pad Hop is also an amusing area and vaunts four trampolines with joints where children jump and enjoy. The park also offers the Surf Wrangler for young kids under age of eleven. The kids stab their balancing expertise by riding theautomatic surfboard. The speed of surfboard is controlled by an attendantdepending upon the skills of the kids riding the board. The ride offers a smooth and soft landing onto the adjoining soft pads after the guest can no longer balance. Bumper boats are the small, battery activated, steering boats for children to relish their time in the water pond and offers little bumping into each other.  The park also offers the service of arranging birthday parties for kids with certain themes and allows about fifty guests to be invited into the reserved area. The park also offers eatables and drinks for the kids and parents. There are shower amenities along with the changing rooms available for the visitors. Towels and lockers on rent are also present and available for the ease of the guests. The health care facilities are also offered comprising of on-site nurses and first aid trained staff.

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