Rent A Car Dubai – 6 Simple Steps To Rent A Car In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most populous cities in the UAE. It is known for the amazing and lively nightlife, skyscrapers, luxury shopping, and artificial islands. If you want to experience the real beauty of this amazing city, you can rent a car in Dubai. However, there are six important steps to know before renting a car.

  1. Prepare Your Documents
  • You must keep a separate copy of the passport, visa, travel documents and driving license. You must present these documents to an authorized agency to rent a car Dubai.
  • If a co-driver is going to accompany, you must furnish their documents also to adhere to the travel rules and regulations in Dubai.
  1. Hire A Certified, Authentic, And Resourceful Car Rental Agency
  • You must Google and hire a professional car rental agency which can provide end-to-end services including booking, rental agreement preparation, free delivery/pick up, insurance, 24-hour customer service, and complimentary travel advice on the routes, tolls, shopping malls, and best eatery joints in Dubai (as per your budget and time-constraints)
  • The car rental provider must provide competitive prices and special discounts offer to make your rental experience affordable also.
  • The provider must have a flexible cancellation policy and should not charge you extra apart from the quoted charges (unless charges are applicable).
  1. Pay Attention To The Driving License Card Regulations
  • You must be more than 21 years of age and carry a valid driving license (minimum six months old) to be eligible for driving in Dubai.
  • If you belong from Korea, Turkey, Japan and Greece, you must provide a translated copy of your driving license in English.
  • If you belong from US, UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Spain, Canada, Poland, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania and Australia, you must furnish your original driving license to rent a car Dubai.
  • If you belong to any other country, you must provide an international driving license card to qualify as a driver.
  • A UAE local resident must provide and present a valid driving license card copy to hire a car.
  1. Understand Dubai Traffic Rules
  • You must read and print a copy of common Dubai traffic rules to avoid violating them and incur a fine.
  • Dubai has a black points system and you are liable to pay a hefty fine if you are blocking an ambulance or have parked the car in an unreserved space.
  • You must wear a seat belt and use a Bluetooth set to answer any calls during driving.
  1. Pick An Appropriate Car
  • You must pick an appropriate car as per your budget and purpose. If you are going to receive clients or going for business purpose, you can hire a luxury car.
  • You can also use the search feature available on many car rental websites to rent a car in Dubai.
  1. Know The Routes Or Ask For Help
  • It is important to know the travel routes and traffic signals so that you can avoid any one-way fine.
  • You can ask the car rental agency for the shortest route to minimize travel time also.

Hope this Dubai car hire guide will help you to rent the right car in Dubai to enjoy your time in this amazing city. Happy Renting!