Rolex Tower Dubai – Experience Elegance Blended with Modernity

Dubai is very well known all over the world for its architecture. Many of the tallest and most innovative buildings are located in Dubai including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Through our car rental in Dubai service, we can take you to any of these magnificent concrete marvels. From the Burj Khalifa to the Burj Al Arab, from the Princess Tower to the Rolex Tower, we can take you to all of these places. All you have to do is to simply rent car from us and within a few minutes you could be standing in front of the Rolex Tower taking pictures.


The Rolex Tower, although, not even near to being one of the tallest in Dubai, is still a pretty impressive steel architecture. Made from stainless steel, this over two hundred and thirty meter structure consists of fifty nine floors. The Rolex Tower is located in the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thirty floors of the tower are used as office space. Another twenty five of the floors are used as residential apartments. There are also two residential penthouses, one of which has a private pool. Behind the tower there is a nine story parking garage as well as an entrance plaza that leads into the tower’s lobby, providing an easy access to the tower.


The design of the tower represents elegance by simplicity. The luxurious lobby in the ground floor also houses the ‘Soundwave’ by James Clar, a spectacular sculpture made from stainless steel. The form of this sculpture is derived from the recording of the artist’s own voice saying ‘Rolex Tower’. The Rolex Tower provides a new kind of artistic elegance for the eyes. This is one tower you would definitely want to make a visit to. So rent a car in Dubai and we can take you to the Sheik Zayed Road in your hired car safely. With our car rent service, it is quite easy to reach anywhere in Dubai.


The Rolex Tower gives the residents a unique place to reside in, and the workplace there is provided with an inspirational grace from the architecture of the tower. With such an elegant, sophisticated and peaceful environment, the Rolex Tower is definitely a nice place to live in or even work at. Hire car or lease car from car rental in Dubai facility to go to the Rolex Tower instantly.  Rent a car in Dubai service provides you with a leased car that we ensure will safely and reliably take you all around Dubai while saving from the hassle of waiting for public transport or expensive taxis under the scorching heat of sun that shines over Dubai. It’s not just the Rolex Tower, as we’ve mentioned earlier we can take you to any of Dubai’s landmarks and locations.


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