Simplicity is beauty: Abdul Rahman Siddiq Mosque

Away from the uproar of the city, located on the world’s largest manmade Island, the Palm Jumeirah, Abdul Rahman Siddiq Mosque is an epitome of simplicity and elegance. While travelling down the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah the Mosque stands out owing to its unique design and architecture. A mosque is a place for worship and it is for the peace of soul so the architects tried their best to keep the mosque simple. However, the simplicity has a charm of its own. The splendor and nobility of the mosque is quite a mesmerizing sight as the cubic marbles walls glisten in the sunlight and day time while the blue and turquoise glass gleam in the surrounding lights under the moon at night time. The design is quite futuristic made up of glass, steel and stone.


The innovative structure of the mosque is what captivates the eye but indeed the simplicity of the design engulfs the souls and reminds of their eternal purpose of life. The remembrance of Allah is the basic aim of a Muslim when he enters a mosque and very ostentatious and gaudy designs might be a treat to the eye but it will not serve to the fundamental purpose of the construction of the mosque. The design is a drift away from the traditional typology of mosques worldwide but the spiritual side is quite evident from the natural lights reflecting in the direction of Qibla. The dome is shaped like a space observation deck with a tall minaret of bluish green color. The cubicle marble walls manifest the modern and contemporary architecture.


The interior of the mosque is also a manifestation of nobility and novelty. The details of the interior are also versatile and different from the common mosques everywhere. There are no Quranic verses engraved on the marble walls rather just like the outside the inner structure has also been kept quite plain to help the worshippers pray with concentration.


The mosque has space for 1000 worshippers, 800 in the men’s section and 200 in ladies’ section. There is ample space for parking as well to facilitate the people coming for prayers. So if anyone plans on taking a trip to Palm Jumeirah they need not worry about missing their prayers and even otherwise they should visit this mosque to witness the air of internal peace. If someone is in UAE and they do not own a personal car they do not have to feel bad about it as Amexuae cars is there for their convenience. Amexuae cars promise punctuality and comfort. Therefore, anyone can rent a car from there, make their trip worthwhile, and enjoy without any apprehensions. Thus, now a visit to the Abdul Rahman Siddiq Mosque is not going to be something one can miss and take a look at the blend of spiritual and modern typology which adds to the uniqueness of this beautiful place.