Star gate: Dubai’s space venture

A theme park that aims to entertain and educate children of all ages is what the star gate in Dubai is all about. Located in Zabeel Park, this indoor park provides entertainment for everyone under one roof. The Park is designed according to the theme of the outer space having five domes namely earth, mars, Saturn, lunar and UFO with a central food pyramid. This park is a marvelous place to hang out for families with small kids, as this is a premier amusement spot for kids having activities like fascinating games, joyous play areas, rousing ice games and a venturesome roller coaster.


Mars dome is ideal for kids below seven with apparently the world’s largest soft play area where the kids can enjoy playing while their parents relax or watch over them play safely standing in the family viewing area. The area is very colorful and lively with a very vibrant and energetic ambiance. There is a small café inside the dome too. It also promises great value for money and has potential to become the hottest hang out spot in future.


The earth dome has a gut busting roller coaster with the map of the world drawn inside it. The roller coaster is going to give one the most thrilling ride of one’s lifetime. The bang of adventure and enthrallment that this ride promises is definitely going to take one’s feet of the ground making them feel dizzy and amused with a flying visit of the beautified lush green surrounding lawns of the Zabeel Park. For helping the beginners, it also has a presentation of how the roller coaster works.


The Saturn dome comprises of a 3D movie theatre displaying informative movies for children providing them edutainment. The kids are undoubtedly going to enjoy as well as learn out of this endeavor, which offers a choice between three movies mostly.


The lunar dome is a delight for the eyes as well as for venture loving souls. This is a kidney shaped ice rink having a slightly night décor with glistening icicles and sparkly snowmen under the lights presenting a captivating view. It also has various facilities for ice skating and provides tutorials as well. Owing to the smaller size of this dome, as compared to other such facilities available in locality, parents can keep a close watch on their kids. To keep the visitors cozy the inner café has a variety of hot drinks.


The UFO dome has arcade games and a place designed for go karting for kids between three to ten years of age. The central food pyramid offers tasty and affordable snacks for the entertainment of food lovers. The amusement park is open from 10am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 10am to midnight on weekends. Visit star gate with your kids when in Dubai and if you have any kind of conveyance issues Amexuae cars is there to sort them all out. So don’t waste time and money and just lease a car from Amexuae and make your trip worthwhile.