The Corniche –Utmost exciting and luxurious amusement near water for all

Abu Dhabi is a splendid piece of land comprise of numerous location for amusement and recreation developed especially for the purpose of tourism. Millions of tourists visit Abu Dhabi from all across the globe throughout the year. One of the most exclusive and marvelous sites in the list of visiting sites in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche. Corniche Road comprises of an exciting eight km of trimmedbeachfrontincluding play areas for children, separate pathways for the visitors to enjoy cycling and walk, adequate number of cafes and restaurant and the splendid Corniche Beach which is lifeguarded beach park attracting millions of visitors. The enormous amount of visitors in the city require a well-established network of luxurious and most comfortable transport options. Abu Dhabi fulfills this requirement by the exclusive car rent services, car lease options and other transport amenities available easily all across the region.

Corniche Beach stretches along Corniche Road from closeto the Hilton Hotel to beyond Al Khaleej Al-Arabi Street. The main entrance of theCorniche Beach is located here.The beach umbrellas can easily be attained during the week days but they are all occupied during the weekends requiring the visitors to come earlier to avail the facility. The beach offers floating fences which keeps the guests within 40m of the beach and ensures safety for the visitors lacking swimming expertise. The beach also vaunts a healthy number of lifeguards around further enhancing the safety of guests visiting the beach. The primeval Corniche beachfront has attained the popular Blue Flag status which is a famous label for coasts and marinas ensuring hygienic and safe bathing water. The site boasts three distinct zones for general public, singles and families granting the most amusing, luxurious and relaxing surroundings for all the guests arriving the spot. The splendid recreational area also vaunts huge parking place for about 1100 vehicles at a walking distance of nearly 5 minutes from the beach. Corniche Pedal Power gives away numerous kinds of cycles on rent for the utmost amusement of the guests. FunRideSports offers4rent payment stations along the Corniche boardwalk and its main station is located outside The Hiltonia Beach Club. The guests can enjoy rides of mountain bikes, city bikes with seats for two or three people on the back and can also take on rent the special bikes designed for ladies with abayas.

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