The World Islands: Resuscitating the Earth

Dubai has created an amazing and awe-inspiring site called the world islands, an artificial archipelago resembling the shape of the map of the world from an aeronautical view.  The World Island is a unique man-made feature and a creative endeavor which is a perfect example of expert architectural and engineering abilities that leaves the visitors in appreciation of the designers and their imagination. Dubai is a premier vacation spot for people from all around the world. The government has always focused on constructing great tourist sites to attract a large number of tourists every year throughout and this in turn pours great amounts of foreign exchange in the reserves giving a boom to the economy. Thus, tourism is the backbone of the economy so great stress is laid on it and the World Islands are one such venture to promote vacationing in Dubai. This archipelago is located some 4 kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah near the Palm Jumeirah. It consists of 300 islands but only two of them have been developed so far. It is going to be one luxurious trip which is going to be fun filled and once in a lifetime experience.


The major attractions on this manmade landscape include the glistening sandy white beaches comprising of sun beds where people can lie down lazily and enjoy moments of leisure where they are kissed by rays of the desert sun and enjoy the warmth. Volleyball courts are also present for visitors to play some beach sports and feel entertained. A number of cabanas and restaurants offering scrumptiously delicious and succulent foods are going to be a real treat for the food lovers. The visitors can also have a panoramic view of the ravishing and flashy skyscrapers of Dubai from the Islands, which is truly a unique view of the emirate. The guests are transported to the islands on a boat that is also a delightful voyage. Swimming pools have also been built to entertain those who love to regale but no swimming is allowed after the evening.


This trip should be a necessary point on the list of your to do things when in Dubai so you can have a bang. It will surely be something you will regret missing because a tour to the world islands is going to be an unforgettable venture and a very fascinating use of your vacations. It is an ideal spot to go with your families as well as friends and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.


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