“How far do we have to go now?” – This is the most repetitive question a parent could ask for while traveling with their young ones. As a result to overcome this trouble we’ve have an active guide to help you make your travel more comfortable.

Amexuae is focusing on car travel with children in precise because they are one of the complex stage individuals to keep amused. They get tired rapidly and it tends to become more difficult to explain them the situation. The big lot difficulty arises when you can’t distract their attentions and they begin to scream even louder.

Travelling at night time is the trickiest solution to answer your problem. We know that Dubai has an extreme climate but as observed night in UAE are somewhat chilly with a touch of cool breeze.

While you prefer traveling with Amexuae at the night time then it would become easier for you to cope up with the little ones as the traffic seems to be light on road.

None of us can deny the fact that family time is sacred! The exciting breaks after stressful working hours scheduled with families bring you closer to your family members. Amexuae family packages will guarantee a fun occupied jaunt.

Amexuae take care of slight details as well. We take scenic routes so that your toddlers remain infused in the atmosphere.

Mommies staying in the hotel can chill in the easy-going Spa at DAMAC Maison Dubai which bids an éliteh idea way for those looking out for relaxation and refreshment. Purify your spirit with the soothing effects of the Spa.

Having at ease car seat for your toddler is also essential. They’ll fidget less and they’re also more likely to take naps on the journey. Amexuae can provide you chauffeur styled with your baby comfort zone.It’s even a good idea if you can narrate keeping them diverted.

There’s not anything poorer than accomplishing a few miles down the road and realizing you’ve forgotten to bring some stuff.  Amexuae have undertaken your worries from bookings to transfers so that you only have to focus on your travel.

Lastly, your style to a long- term travel with a child can also make a big change. You get to spend some quality time with your children and breathe in the cool air away from the daily chores.

The DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street emits an alluring combination of sophistication and treat. The hotel bids a modish yet relaxed base in the middle of the sparkling Business district area of Dubai.


DAMAC Maison’s have to offer indulgence in the suites that are well- off with complimentary services nearby to the famous shopping centers of Dubai.

The hotel serves genuine Khaleeji and Emirati gastronomy as anenchanting dining practice in positions of together flavor and design.

AmexuaeRent a car is steadfast in making your retreat in Dubai impressive. At Amexuae our target is to make available to customers both convivialmilieu and high worth conveniences including both indoors and outdoors.