Universal Studios Dubai – A Spectacular Place to Visit Once You Are in Dubai


Universal Studios has announced to make its fourth theme park. After successful implementation and appreciation from entire world by making its theme parks in Florida, California and Japan. Fourth theme park with mega entertainment plans is located in Dubai. This project was started in 2008 but was put on hold due to financial crisis in the world. When first location was approved by Dubai’s officials, Universal studios and a constructor of UAE started working and created beautiful entrance and building area. Location of the park is changed now and has moved to Mohammed bin Rasheed City. Car rental in Dubai will easily take tourists to this new location. The previous entrance and office areas are demolished. Struggle from both Dubai and Universal official is being done to create first theme park in this region.


    Universal Studios project is a joint project of Dubai and USA based Universal Studios. Tatweer is a government based developer company which will construct this theme park and cost of this project is expected to be 10 billion dirhams nearly equal to $2.6 billion US. Construction of this theme park will stare at the blockbuster movies of Universal Studios like King Kong and Jurassic Park. These movies will be converted into adventures in this park and new doors for entertainment will be opened for tourists and visitors. Transport services like car rental in Dubai let tourists enjoy entertainment rides and games will reflect the image of famous movies presented by Universal Studios.


    Rent a car in Dubai and view this giant structure park which will be full of attractions for international tourists and will include hotels for staying with rooms giving views of theme park and whole Dubai. Sports centers will give entire taste of sports to the visitors and will let them play their favorite sports to have memorable moments. Leisure centers are included in this theme park where all the tourists can get leisure facilities.


    Original vision of this theme park is to create a giant structure wheel named Great Dubai wheel and is project to be greater in size as compared to London Eye. Other visions of this theme comprise Bawadi, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Sports City, Al Sahara Resort and Jurassic Park hotel. Bawadi is a world’s largest hotel project in which 51 hotels will be made providing 60,000 rooms. Rooms will be suitable to all class of people. Dubai’s leader Mohammed bin Rasheed Al Maktoum stated that Dubai Outlet Mall will feature Universal Studio theme shops and exclusive products related to the blockbuster movies of Universal Studios will be sold here with a large variety of custom wearing clothes.


    Five theme parks will be made and Universal Theme park is included in one of those theme parks. Vision of theme park companies is to attract more families and passengers to step over and experience new entertainment projects. Plan for this theme park is very ambitious and model for this park was exciting. Construction of this theme park will be completed in different phases and one phase is completed and is projected to be opened in 2015. Other facilities in this park will include ATMs, Free Wi-Fi, toilets and rent a car in Dubai.