Woven Towers: An architectural Fantasy

If you have ever been to Dubai or live here you would definitely agree to the fact that Dubai is the emirate of wonders. The busiest district of UAE and economically most stable too. Dubai initially depended on its oil fields as it is an oil rich area. Later the government realized that oil fields are non renewable resources and the district would ultimately run out of its supply of oil deposits, so they shifted their economy to a newer source of revenue one that is not exhaustible that is tourism. So the administration concentrated on building some really marvelous monuments that are a fusion of architectural and technological expertise and cultural heritage. The most luxurious hotels, tallest buildings, largest fountains, largest man made islands and amazing shopping malls are some of the attractions of this wondrous place. The administration plans on taking the architectural wonders to another level by constructing a very marvelous building known as the woven towers. The structure of the Woven Towers looks like the trunk of a palm tree, reflecting a very essential element of everyday life in Dubai. It represents the culture of Arabic people and shows a strong affiliation with the legacy and history of Dubai as it is traded and used in making of boats and other things.


It is believed that the inter woven and twirling typology of the woven tower depicts the trade and commerce route which are a fundamental part of the past of Dubai and these routes have helped Dubai emerge as a great and strong economy it is today. The exterior look of the woven towers also envisages the tribal heritage that has formed the foundation of the city. The interior on the other side represents the tribal foundation that has given Dubai its unique character. Thus this superstructure is not an ordinary building but it tells a tale of this tourists’ favorite city. It is definitely very inviting for the local residents as they are likely to feel a connection with the outlook and inner side of the edifice. However, it also has a magnetic effect for foreigners who are interested in knowing about Dubai’s history and its marvelous monuments. It is accessible through different routes and encourages visitors to make a tri to this unique and versatile construction. It is a great example of artistic and architectonic skills and superiority of Dubai as it is actually conversion of a fantasy into a reality.


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