Zabeel Grand Mosque: An Architectural Beauty

The history of Zabeel Mosque dates back to 1900 when it was a place devoted to the teaching of the holy book of Muslims, Quran to young students, but later it was demolished and in 1960, a mosque was constructed on the same site. Later the mosque underwent its final stage of recreation in 1998 in order to cope with the modernization of the rest of Dubai. Though Dubai is famous for its sky scrapers and outstanding malls but the mosques here are no less attractive as is evident from the building of this eye soothing worship place of Muslims. The Zabeel Grand Mosque, located on the Bur Dubai side of the creek, opposite to Dubai museum, is one of the largest mosques in the UAE, having multiple domes and tallest minaret in the city having two floors and housing more than 1200 worshippers.


As the name suggests the mosque has a grand and glorious, a beautiful and splendid interior with a vast attractive exterior. The mosque contains divine, elaborated and fine religious motives. The ceiling is a manifestation of artistic and architectural expertise, which has delicate and intricate geometric designs engraved on it. It has nine larger domes and 45 smaller ones which present a mesmerizing sight at night when they are illuminated adding to the glamour of the mosque. This mosque is a perfect representation of the Islamic architecture with sand-colored facades that match with the surrounding old quarter of Bur Dubai. The beautifully carved designs in the main hall and the exterior, the windows covered with shapely wooden shutters and the handmade designs on the glass are undoubtedly a treat for the eyes. The open yards have an air of ecclesiastical tranquility so that one feels calm and peaceful internally despite the city life’s uproar in the environment. The mosque is such a splendid  monument that the non-Muslims who are not allowed to enter the rest of the mosque can go to the minaret and capture the artistry of the religious edifice of Muslims in their camera rolls.


The mosque represents Muslim unity on Fridays during the afternoon prayer when Muslim people of all classes and races stand together and bow down before their God in order to fulfill their eternal aim of life and to seek forgiveness of their Lord. Whether one is a visitor in Dubai or a resident there, the Zabeel Grand Mosque should be visited once in their lifetime in order to experience this apotheosis of Islamic architectonics. If anyone has any conveyance issues and wants to visit this grand place they can lease cars from Amexuae cars. This company guarantees a comfortable and punctual drive solving all your transportation problems. So when in Dubai, go for Amexuae cars to ensure a pleasant trip without any complications and the worry of not knowing the directions to the different exotic destinations.